About us

About Sunlux Engineering Inc.

We work for you since 2009

As one of Canada's new business entities, Sunlux Engineering Inc. is trying to grow in the domains of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC). Our continuous focus on innovation and expansion together with commitment to quality and excellence is our aim.

Integration of its core business competence and strength, EPC, with other domains such as IT, technical manpower secondment.

With teams of employees and contractors, Sunlux is head quartered in Edmonton.

From concept to commissioning, our teams of employees and contractor are experienced with enhanced forms of modularization that produce exponential benefits. Our unique approach brings success to green field and sustaining capital projects, with proven quality and cost saving.

No job is too small for us. Our dedicated and highly qualified professionals teams execute each and every project with same quality.

Our engineering talent pool has significant exposure to various industries, tools, platforms, and project management methodologies. Beyond software and hardware, we have globally experienced engineering professionals. Automated Project Management tools ensure seamless planning, scheduling, workflow management and progress reporting.

About Our Commitment

Sunlux is committed to form seamless partnerships with its customers so that their requirements become our challenges. Sunlux’s quest for excellence is achieved by innovative engineering and quality execution of contracts through continual improvement of technology by its high performance team that takes pride in being part of building Sunlux.

Quality and Safety

Technological and design excellence and a discerning eye for quality and safety are some of the characteristics that distinguish Sunlux striving for perfection in its areas of operation. We maintain a high standard of safety through meticulous risk assessment. To set standards, we must first set an example. Our solutions are born from the approach that each project has unique aspects that need to be tackled accordingly. Stringent quality control, technical support, production support, practical, efficient and cost effective solutions are the cornerstone of our organization. Every accomplishment becomes a foundation for us to do better, to dream bigger, and create a better future. Our responsibility, as industry newcomer, drives us to be bold and embrace tougher challenges. Due diligence can accomplish wonders!


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