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As one of Canada's new business entities, Sunlux Engineering Inc. is trying to grow in the domains of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC). Our continuous focus on innovation and expansion together with commitment to quality and excellence is our aim. Integration of its core business competence and strength, EPC, with other domains such as IT, technical manpower secondment. With teams of employees and contractors, Sunlux is head quartered in Edmonton. From concept to commissioning, our teams of employees and contractor are experienced with enhanced forms of modularization that produce exponential benefits. Our unique approach brings success to green field and sustaining capital projects, with proven quality and cost saving.


Sunlux holds its office in Edmonton Canada

At Sunlux, we believe that the organization's largest and most valuable asset is its people. Their knowledge, expertise and skills combined with their energy and commitment are the engines that drive business growth and success. 'The organization is only as good as its people' truly applies to Sunlux, an organization that is committed to being 'Always Inspiring' for its people.

We inspire our people to bring their talents and ideas to work to help Sunlux achieve the goals outlined in our Vision 2015. We also strive to create an environment that inspires people to give their best, to be productive and deliver exceptional results. We aim to ensure that each person working at Sunlux is happy, healthy, professionally fulfilled and treated fairly. And that he or she regards Sunlux as an employer of choice.


SUNLUX is a privately owned mid - sized EPCM organization focused on building long term partnerships. We work closely with clients on the execution of their projects towards keeping in mind their overall objectives

Basic Engineering


Pre-Bid Engineering

Process Optimization/Design Review

Project Management




Detailed Engineering


Project Management Consultancy Services

Process Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Instrumentation and Controls


IT and Software Development

Piping Engineering

Civil & Structural

Technical Manpower Secondment


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